Our Glass/Mirror Cutting Service

Daily upon request, glass or mirror sheets bought can be cut into any requested dimensions. Customers are asked to note in writing their desired measurements to eliminate the chance of any inaccuracy, wastage or general miscommunications.

Please note that returns on cut glass are not permitted. The reason for this is because each customer may require different glass dimensions and returned cut glass would be unusable for prospective patrons.

Large size orders can only be cut from sheets purchased, and we offer stock glass louvers which may be cut to fit your specific door.

We store three types of glass: Frosted (Figured), Clear float, and Bronze at 1⁄4″, 1⁄8″ and 3⁄16″ thicknesses.

Our Prompt Delivery Service

Whether it may be through the hardware store or our delivery section we try our utmost best to securely and promptly deliver your purchased goods into your hands, or awaiting transport. Also, customers’ goods can be delivered to their location depending on their invoice total, availability of transportation and volume at no extra cost to the patron. However, shoppers are asked to procure their own transportation whenever possible as this will ensure their timely arrival at the needed destination. Customers are kindly asked to at least attempt to provide assistance for the offloading of your delivery. We encourage that you cross check items received to ensure that the quantity paid for was received, the correct items were delivered and these items arrived in good condition. This is irrespective of whether customers collect their purchases themselves or we transport them.

Our Timber Stripping/Cutting Service

We offer professional rip and cross-cut cutting and wood stripping which can be done for a minor additional cost at your request while purchasing our quality timber. We stock treated and untreated lumber as well as Rabbit & Spring, Tongue & Groove, Southern Yellow Pine and White Pine. Our store also stocks varied types of ply is also sold all of which can be cut or stripped to accommodate the clients use.

Our Custom-made Items Service

If you are looking for quality locally manufactured items our Component Factory produces standard as well as custom-made handiwork to suit any need from both imported and local materials. We manufacture doors, windows, windows screens, louver sections and hurricane shutters all of which can be made to almost any desirable size and style. Also available is a wide range of molding strips, bat proofing, ceiling as well as drip strips, architrave and plain and molded door stops for framing all from our pine and poplar stocks. E. H. Charles & Co. Ltd. is the only hardware supply store producing these specific local molding and mosquito screens.

Our Specially ordered items (Custom Sourcing)

A “special ordered item” is any order which has been personalized to customer specification by altering a color or measurement on a customer’s instruction. This could also be a “non-stock” item that has been ordered by us from our suppliers on a customer’s behalf. There can be change in color scheme, varying of design, multiple dimensioning as well as alternating types of materials to be used. Any amount required by a customer may be ordered. This can span from the basic finishing with paints and other decorative equipment, brown guttering with matching fittings or even solid traditional or contemporary entrance doors. For the more creative affluent customers, we offer a selection from our vast suppliers’ catalogue to custom Mahogany, Tongue and Grooved Jatoba or Greenheart for timber flooring adding grace to any home.

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