We offer one of the widest selections of products for your home design, remodeling, plumbing, lighting and electrical, and lots more!

Building Supplies

Select from our quota of high standard stocks which contributed to our success towards 40 years of retailing the finest structural supplies.

BRC: Solid rolled format to provide exceptionally strong reinforcement for your construction needs.
Brickforce: Is used for masonry reinforcement, which greatly enhances the strength & durability.
Red Bricks: These are used in many methods in building / construction, pavements & pathways.
Roof Sheeting: These are a must have when thinking of constructing a proper non-concrete roof.
Cement: An absolute necessity in construction, cement is a binder used to lock materials together.
Steel Products: Widely used in all types of construction projects for reinforcing purposes.
Lumber: We supply various types of top grade lumber including plywood, in many sizes.
Chain Link Fencing: We have the right chain link fencing solution for security purposes and sports fields.


We offer one of the widest selections of chemical substances for your household, plumbing, woodwork, and site projects.

Acrylic: A washable, scrubbable chemical that’s formulated for excellent covering power on walls.
Dry lock/Multi-Bond: Keeps your basement or slab dry throughout the rainy season.
Hydraulic Cement: Stops water & leaks in concrete and masonry structures.

Liquid Stucco:
An exterior coating system that can beautify, protect & insulate spaces.
Roofing Putty: A roofing material, which is both storm-proof and leak proof.
Thomson’s Water Seal: Get masterful results on your roofs and decks with a waterproof protector.
Wood Preservatives: Used to protect wooden objects from water, mildew and pests.
Adhesives: Used in the bonding of objects/materials. Choose from our large number of products.


Leaders in the quality and unique product lines for Home designs as well as beautification or remolding purposes.

Paints: Choose from our rainbow coloured stock of floor, wall and roof paints to put colour to your spaces.
Tiles and Grout: Tile or remodel your home by selecting a variety of colours, textures & designs.
Glass & Glass Blocks: Add more natural light to your home with our glass blocks or mirrors.
Windows & Doors: We have one of the best selections of doors & windows available.
Strips & Mouldings: For a neat finish in carpentry, we offer strips & mouldings.
Draw Handles:Whether it’s flat, raised, metal or wooden, we’ve got it all. Decorate your draws.
Counter Tops: Choose from our glazed, light coloured, dark coloured & opaque, counter tops.
Formica: Available in dull or gloss finishes. Ideal for decorating table tops and counter tops.

General Hardware

Here are some of our outstanding inventory items under the Hardware category.

Ladders:Optional styles, types & sizes for pre-construction, post-construction & household purposes.
Screws, Nails & Bolts:Essential in any hardware. Come down and view our huge assortments.
Hammers: Top-quality brand hammers to deliver the required strength & durability.
Hand Saws: Buy one from us today to ensure a clean surface cut of wood & plastic.
Hinge & Door Closers: Durable closers, in stainless brass & Galvanised finish.
Lockets: Choose from our non-tarnish able, non-corrodible and non-discolouration lockets.
Ropes: These quality ropes have enough strength at any size to conduct any job.
Hoses: Our high-quality hoses supplied go up to 500 psi. Constructed of rubber, vinyl, or nylon.

Home and Garden

Your one stop shop center for choice household and garden products.

Bath Towels: We’ve got the full range of bath towels with colourful patterns and shades.
Garden Pots: Beautify your surroundings whilst improving your flora’s brightness & lifeline.
Rugs & Carpets: Cushion your feet from the coldness of the flooring in your home.
Oven Mitts:Used in protecting one’s hands while cooking. Get the perfect pair for your kitchen.
Shower Curtains: Our shower curtains cordon the excess outgoing bathroom water.
Bed in Bags: Enjoy the luxury of your bed, the essential part of every night’s “Good Sleep”.
Dinnerware Sets: Dine with a wide range of cups & plates for formal and informal purposes.
Kettles: Boils water very fast; pleasing to look at, and has good durability.

Lighting & Electricals

Supplying all the necessary basic merchandise at affordable prices pertaining to all your lighting and electrical needs.

Accessories: Electronic clips, extension cords, transformers, adapters in flat & round pins, etc.
Ceiling fans: Used to improve both the quality & flow of air within the section that it is installed.
Power Tools: From pointers, angle grinders, table saws, circular saws, breaker drills, etc.
Switchgear: Switchgear for light bulbs, water heaters, main switches, etc.
Electrical Fittings: H-box, angle sprout, bends, strap clip, saddles, circular lids, etc.
Electrical Wire: Key element in obtaining an electrical powered home. Available in many types.
Conduit & Trunking: Used in electrical wiring to prohibit the untidy sight of surface wiring.
Lamp fixtures & Bulbs : Choose from our wide selection of bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs & stylish light fixtures.


Providing options for working with pipes, tubing, accessories and fixtures for portable water systems and the drainage of wastage, for either completing or repairing plumbing schemes.

Water Heaters: Get plastic, metal or even large water heaters at affordable prices.
Taps & Faucets: From single to double taps and faucets for bathrooms and kitchens.
Sinks: Offering a wide range of quality kitchen and bathroom sinks in various colours & sizes.
Lavatories: Made from ceramic and fibreglass. Available in various types and colours.
Toilets: Offering ceramic toilets, urinals, bidets and accessories in both 1 piece & 2 pieces.
Pipes:Four different types are carried: Galvanise, PVC, CPVC, and Copper.
Plumbing Fittings: In galvanise, PVC, CPVC, and copper, we strive to supply grade A products.

Construction tools & Equipment

A sound structure or building needs specialized durable tool to acquire best results.

Construction Buckets: Used to simplify work, especially for aggregate transfer and loading.
Helmets and Gloves: Protect yourself by wearing our top-quality helmets and gloves.
Trowels: Used in leveling, spreading & shaping of cement, giving a superior finish.
Wheelbarrows: Allowing less strenuous activities on construction workers, a must have.
Concrete Vibrators: For perfect concrete consolidation and reliable performance, choose our vibrators.