The True Value Company is known for providing high-quality hardware and supplies. It has served more than 58 countries with almost 4,000 retail stores, and approx. 2500 associates.

Makita Corporation is based in Japan. It is known for manufacturing consumer and professional power tools. Its products are known for their quality, reliability, and of course performance.

We are the local sole agent for the world’s most renowned paint brand known as Berger Paints. This company is known for providing quality paints and coating solutions.

Some Useful Tips

Hurricane-force winds can easily destroy poorly constructed buildings. Debris such as signs, roofing material, and small items left outside become flying missiles in hurricanes. Extensive damage to trees, towers, water and underground utility lines (from uprooted trees), and fallen poles cause considerable disruption.

  • Permanent Storm Shutter
  • Install hurricane straps or additional clips
  • Clear loose and clogged guttering, downspouts and drains
  • Supply of water for sanitary purposes
  • Fill water tanks, bathtubs, and other large containers with water
  • Building a safe room to serve as a hurricane shelter

We store three types of glass: Frosted (Figured), Clear float, and Bronze at 1⁄4″, 1⁄8″ and 3⁄16″ thicknesses.

We offer professional rip and cross-cut cutting and wood stripping which can be done for a minor additional cost at your request.

our Component Factory produces standard as well as custom-made handiwork to suit any need from both imported and local. materials.

“special ordered item” is any order personalized to customer specification by altering a color or measurement on a customer’s instruction.

our utmost best to securely and promptly deliver your purchased goods into your hands, or awaiting transport.

E. H. Charles & Sons was established as a firm of building contractors on August 7, 1967. We have recently celebrated 47 years in the business. Currently, there are 70 full-time employees. In 1978, the entire operation was incorporated as a limited liability company as E. H Charles & Co Ltd. By July 1979, we extended our operation in the manufacturing of housing components; hence the component factory was established, producing timber doors, windows, mill work and a wide range of related housing components. In August 1981, the company extended its’ operation in the establishment of a builder’s hardware and suppliers of building materials. E. H. Charles & Co. Ltd is a locally developed and owned company.

9th International Construction Award

Platinum Star for World Quality Commitment Award.

11th International America Award for Quality

1Golden Award for Commercial Prestige